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High Precision/Measuring Stages
High Precision/Measuring Stages are for applications that require micron level accuracy. Parts are machined from high-grade aluminum and finished with a high precision grinding operation to achieve the best results possible. Smoothness and rigidity are achieved by using 6mm crossed roller bearings for linear travel. Great care is taken during assembly to ensure flatness and orthoginality. Excellent stage for a variety of uses including measuring systems, inspection instruments, etc.
*Shown here with Nickel-Plated Franklin Motorized
Measuring Stage
Motorized Measuring Stage
Motor-Ready Measuring Stage
Manual Measuring Stage
Motorized Open Frame

Manufacturers of Mask & Wafer Attachments, Microscope Stages, XYZ Stages, Z Motion Mechanisms, Stepper Controllers, Flat Mount Stages and Push Stages. Quality custom products are manufactured to order.

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