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Stepper Motor Controllers

Franklin MCI has several models of stepper motor controllers available. We have models for joystick only control and models for computer only control. Our most popular model the STM-200RSJ has both joystick and computer control. Our standard models are listed below. We also build custom controllers that can control up to 9 motors.

Stepper Motor Controllers-Controlled By Computer Via RS 232
Model # Description
STM-100 Single axis controller
STM-200 two-axis controller
STM-300 three-axis controller
Custom Controllers up to 9-axis available-Call/Email for quote

Stepper Motor Controllers-Joystick Control only
Model # Description
STM-100J Single axis controller with 2-Speed Joystick control
STM-200J two-axis controller with 2-speed joystick control
STM-300J three-axis controller with 2-speed joystick control

Stepper Motor Controllers-Programmable Controller with RS 232 Capability And Joystick Control
Model # Description Price
STM-100RSJ Single axis programmable controller joystick with RS 232 capability
STM-200RSJ two-axis programmable controller joystick with RS 232 capability
STM-300RSJ three-axis programmable controller joystick with RS 232 capability

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Model #STM-200J
2 Axis Controller with 2 speed Joystick with stepper motors connected.


Model # STM-300RSJ
3 Axis Controller with Joystick and RS232 Capability.


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