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Model# Z-1000 Manual Z-Column

These heavy-duty constructed columns have 10 inches of travel. Choose from several models including manual or motorized. The Model #Z-1000M Motorized column can be Joystick only controlled or can be set up for Joystick/Computer control via RS232. The Model #Z-1000 Manual Column has a knob/spin handle for raising and lowering the Z-motion with ease. Both have 6mm cross roller bearings for the Z-motion ways and can easily carry loads of 30-40 lbs.


Motorized Z-Column
Shown here custom granite base
Model# Z-1000M Motorized Z-Column

Manufacturers of Mask & Wafer Attachments, Microscope Stages, XYZ Stages, Z Motion Mechanisms, Stepper Controllers, Flat Mount Stages and Push Stages. Quality custom products are manufactured to order.

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